Writers Group Self Publishing- What Is Your Story?

Thoughtful and amazing group from this region! Facilitated by published author Kim Olver – anyone interested in self publishing or if you have started to process, this is the local group to encourage you to reach the next step!

What is your story? Are you considering writing a blog? Contributing to a book? Sharing a life lesson you have learned? How do I find an illustrator?  Do I use the same cover designer for my interior design?  Did you write a draft and it has been sitting in a folder for some time?

Explore the process of writing a book with experts. Kim is a certified book coach and has published two books already! She is in the process of doing her third. Learn from others and know you are not alone in your journey to share your story!

PWN Members are free. $10 for guests. Each attendee is responsible for their own food and beverage.

We try to meet at the front table near the window.