Maribeth Hearn, MBA

Director: Career Success Center at St Francis University

Maribeth Hearn has had the same mission since the start of her career: match people with opportunities and resources. Hearn is the Director of the Career Success Center at the University of St. Francis. She is a highly effective leader who leverages her knowledge of marketing, technology and brand development to help USF students and alumni unlock employment opportunities.

With over 15 years of award-winning business leadership and 10+ years as an adjunct professor Hearn has amassed a set of experiences that allows her to identify gaps and fill the needs of businesses. She is a strategic thinker who is adept at all aspects of talent sourcing; including assessments, resume reviews, mock interview preparation, personal branding, developing business/community partnerships, internship development, recruiting and reporting.

She has served as Secretary, Vice President and President of the PWN. She currently is a member of National Association of Colleges and Employers, South Metropolitan Higher Education Consortium, Illinois Small College Placement Association. She serves on the board of the Disabled Patriot Fund and Professional Women’s Network. She is a member of 13 local chambers of commerce.

Inspired by this quote

“Dig the well before you are thirsty”

– Chinese Proverb